Roger Bakeman pictureRoger Bakeman
Professor Emeritus
Georgia State University
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Email: bakeman@gsu.edu.  Click here for GSU profile.

Welcome to my website. It gives you information about, and lets you download at no cost, computer programs that Vicenç Quera , Byron Robinson, and I have written. These program run on Windows computers, or on Apple computers running a Windows simulator

GSEQ iconThe Generalized Sequential Querier (GSEQ) is a computer program for analyzing sequential observational data. It computes a variety of simple and contingency table statistics. Simple statistics include frequencies, rates, durations, and proportions (percentages).  Vicençe Quera (University of Barcelona, Spain) and I have been developing this program since the 1990s.

ILOG iconThe Interactive Log-linear (ILOG) program performs, as the name suggests, log-linear analyses interactively. Log-linear analysis is a useful but under-used technique for investigators who categorize some entity (persons, dyads, various kinds of events such as bids for attention or turns of talk in conversations, etc.) on several dimensions using nominal scales and then tally the results in a multi-dimensional contingency table.

The KappaAcc program computes various kappa statistics and estimates observer percentage accuracy.  When observers code or rate events, Kappa is a statistic that gauges inter-observer agreement corrected for chance. Because no one value of kappa can be regarded as universally acceptable, estimated accuracy provides a way to judge the adequacy of the computed value.

The BootCI program compute percentile bootstrap confidence intervals (CIs).  For means and correlations, estimation formulas for the standard errors required to compute CIs are easily found in standard statistics texts, but standard errors for the increases in variance accounted for when using hierarchic regression (ΔR2, also called the semipartial correlation coefficient squared) are more problematic.  The major merit of BootCI is that it computes these using bootstrap methods.