More programs

BWPower. This program computes power for analyses of variance designs with and without repeated measures. Click here to download It is described in:

Bakeman, R., & McArthur, D. (1999). Determining the power of multiple regression analyses both with and without repeated measures. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, and Computers, 31, 150–154.

FalliObs iconFalliObs. This program computes expected values for kappa, given user-specified values for the conditional accuracies of two observers and the assumed simple probabilities for the individual codes.  Click here to download It is described in:

Bakeman, R., Quera, V., McArthur, D., & Robinson, B. F. (1997).  Detecting sequential patterns and determining their reliability with fallible observers.  Psychological Methods, 2, 357–370.

OASTES iconOASTES. This program simulates observer agreement for observers of a given accuracy and computes 2 time-based and 3 event-based kappas. Click here to download It is described in:

Bakeman, R., Quera, V., & Gnisci, A.(2009). Observer Agreement for Timed-Event Sequential Data: A Comparison of Time-Based and Event-Based Algorithms. Behavior Research Methods, 41,1379–147.

RanSL iconRanSL. This program shuffles lists of items randomly or prepares lists of randomly selected items. Click here to download

The zip files contain the executables (BWPower.exe, FalliObs.exe, OASTES.exe, and RanSL.exe).  The OASTES zip file also contains a PDF file describing the program. Look in your Downloads folder for the zip files.

These programs were written in Embarcadero® Delphi® XE2 Version 16 Pascal. They run on a PC under Microsoft Windows or a Mac running a PC simulation program.